Moringa Vs Panchgavya
Moringa Vs Panchgavya

As Health conciousness increasing in society by looking at the increasing rate of chronic diseases, people tend to buy natural and healthy food.
In this scenario we all know Desi Cows Panchgavyas are best solution for all human ailments, in between we see here and there new business channels advertising and marketing and selling products of Moringa !!!!
No doubt Moringa has good health benifits, but question raises, will it answer the health and financial crisis completely like panchgavya ?


Point 1. Shaastras clearly Says ‘yadaannaha tan Manaha !!’ behaviour of mind depends on ones diet. Ayurveda clearly mentioned what is satvika ahhara, rajasa ahaara, Tamasa ahaara. Panchgavya comes under Satvika Ahaara The best cure for human illness and Social illness, where as Moringa comes under Tamasika which leads into darkness though it gives physical health benefits.

Point 2. Today we are very nearer to loose our left out Go Sampada as india being largest beef exporter in the world. using desi cows panchgavyas in any form will help Gopalan’s sustainability that reduces the sale to slaughter houses

Point 3 . With Moringa we may achieve nutrients and proteins to body but With Gaumata we can achieve universal balance as she helps in feeding our stomachs, curing our all diseases and helps in ecological farming.
Thus I request all the Organic and Panchgavya shopkeepers and Consumers not to support Moringa over Panchgavya !!

Krushi Vaddi