About GauNaturals


We GauNaturals started panchgavya products manufacturing in the 2015 aiming to produce chemical free products to the consumers.

All the products that are displayed are manufactured in our Kamadenu Goshala. Starting from Panchgavyas to M.R.P Labelling , there is no provision for outsourcing which may lead to less quality and some time adulteration.

Herbs that are used in few medicines and cosmetics are collected from authentic sources.

www.gaunaturals.com has just born to meet the demands of larger consumer base who are far from goshalas and physical stores.

Though we make best quality products , We recommend  you to buy from nearby goshalas,/. As we believe in Goshala centric economy and decentralization.

under social responsibility  we share our knowledge to people who deserve with help of program called MadeInMyGoshala ( Please visit madeinmygoshala.com  for details )

WE DON'T SELL SEVA , we sell Power of PANCHGAVYA !!