Daily Panchgavya

Traditionally Prepared Kumkum, Traditionally Prepared Kumkuma, Organic Sindhoor, Natural Sindhoor, Turmeric Kumkuma


Kumkum -Chemical Free

Rs60.00 Ex Tax: Rs60.00

Kumkuma -Chemical Free |Traditionally PreparedMade With Pure Turmeric Powder|Only Herbs Used|Net Weight : 50Gms..

Kamadenu Netra Jyothi (Eye Drops), Gomutra Eye Drops, Eye drops with Gomutra


Netra Jyothi (Eye Drops)

Rs40.00 Ex Tax: Rs40.00

Kamadenu Netra Jyothi | Eye Drops for all ages|Formulated with Gau Theertha|Effective on All Eye Ailments |Gives Cooling Effect to Eye and Mind|Regular Usage Keeps eye Healthy|Enhances Vision With Daily Use|Directions : Put one or two drops in each eye|Net Vol: 10mlNote: Kindly Consult Physician bef..

Panchgavya HAIR OIL, Hair oil with gomutra, Panchgavya Hair Oil online, Gau Naturals Panchgavya Hair Oil online


Panchgavya HAIR OIL

Rs120.00 Ex Tax: Rs120.00

Panchgavya HAIR OIL | Natural Hair OilThe power of Panchgavya makes this hair oil more beneficial This oil has herbs that are proved since ancient time. Prevents hair fall Stops premature graying Controls dandruff Nourishes the hair root Brings pleasure to mind Regular u..

Pure Desi Cow Ghee, A2 Ghee, Vedic Ghee, Hand churned Desi Cow ghee, Real Desi Cow Ghee, Organic Ghee, Desi Cow Clarified Butter


Vedic Ghee

Rs1,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,000.00

Pure Desi Cow Ghee|Prepared in hand churning method|Not a Milk Fat |Healthy Desi Cow milk(A2) is used Net volume: 500ml..

Organic Turmeric Powder, Natural Turmeric Powder, Zero Budget Natural Farming Turmeric Powder


ZBNF Turmeric Powder

Rs55.00 Ex Tax: Rs55.00

ZBNF Turmeric Powder|Organic Tumeric Powder|NO Pesticides|NO Chemichals |Complete Natural,Food Grade Turmeric PowderNet Weight : 90 Gms..

Surabhi panchgavya soap, Surabhi panchgavya soap onilne, GauNaturals Surabhi Soap, Panchgavya Soaps online


SURABHI Panchgavya Soap

Rs45.00 Ex Tax: Rs45.00

SURABHI Panchgavya bath Soap for entire familyIt has panchgavya gritPanchgavya grit balances the Skins in five directionsNet weight : 100 Gms..

Herbal Tea, Gomutra Herbal Tea, ALTERNATIVE TO TEA & COFFEE, Organic Jaggery TEA


Organic Jaggery TEA

Rs50.00 Ex Tax: Rs50.00

ALTERNATIVE TO TEA & COFFEE ||WEIGHT : 100 GMS*Caffine Free*NO COLOURS ADDEDIngredients: Organic Jaggery, Elachi, Fennel, Dry Ginger, Black PepperUses : DigestiveLaxativeImmunity BoosterHealthy Blood CirculationDiabetic Friendly..

Gaunaturals Herbal Bath Powder, Gaunaturals sunnipindi online, Gaunaturals cosmetics, Panchgavya cosmetics


Herbal Bath Powder

Rs100.00 Ex Tax: Rs100.00

Gomaya Basma Herbal Bath Powder With More than 20 precious herbsCan be used for infants and children net weight : 100 GMS..

Natural Dishwash Powder, Gomaya basma Dishwash Powder, Gaunaturals Dishwash Powder, Gaunaturals Dishwash online


Natural Dish Wash Powder

Rs75.00 Ex Tax: Rs75.00

Natural Dish Wash Powder| Get rid of chemical traces into your stomach with routine detergents and liquids | No hazardous chemicals used Safe on hands Sink friendly No chemical fragnances used Ingredients : Gomaya Basma, Lemon peel powder, Tamarind seed Powder, Neem leaves po..

PanchGavya Baby Massage Oil, Desi Cow Ghee Massage for Babys, Baby Care with Mother Cow


PanchGavya Baby Massage Oil

Rs130.00 Ex Tax: Rs130.00

PanchGavya Baby Massage Oil|Only Cold Pressed Oils Used |No Chemical|No Preservatives|No Side Effects|Nourishes Moisturizes Baby's Skin So effectively Net Vol: 100MlIngredients : Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil,Gritha Kumari, Jatamansi,Bakuchi, no othe..

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