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Gomutra Ark, Gau Theerta Ark, GauNaturals Gau Theertha ARK, Gomutra Ark Online, Gomutra Ark prepared with Vedic Standards


Gau Theertha Ark

Rs100.00 Ex Tax: Rs100.00

 Gau Theertha Ark ||Ark Prepared with Vedic Standards|Prepared with Gomutra collected in Brahma Muhut (Auspicous time) |Gomutra collected from non pregnant cows|Gomutra collected from cows given proper fodder|Gomutra collected from healthy cows only|Excess ammonia content has been removed from ..

Kamadenu Netra Jyothi (Eye Drops), Gomutra Eye Drops, Eye drops with Gomutra


Netra Jyothi (Eye Drops)

Rs40.00 Ex Tax: Rs40.00

Kamadenu Netra Jyothi | Eye Drops for all ages|Formulated with Gau Theertha|Effective on All Eye Ailments |Gives Cooling Effect to Eye and Mind|Regular Usage Keeps eye Healthy|Enhances Vision With Daily Use|Directions : Put one or two drops in each eye|Net Vol: 10mlNote: Kindly Consult Physician bef..

Pure Desi Cow Ghee, A2 Ghee, Vedic Ghee, Hand churned Desi Cow ghee, Real Desi Cow Ghee, Organic Ghee, Desi Cow Clarified Butter


Vedic Ghee

Rs1,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,000.00

Pure Desi Cow Ghee|Prepared in hand churning method|Not a Milk Fat |Healthy Desi Cow milk(A2) is used Net volume: 500ml..

Desi Cow ghee Nasal drops, Panchgavya Grit Nasal drops, Panchgavya grit, Panchgavya shakthi Nasal Drops, Gaunturals Nasal Drops, Ghee Nasal drops online


Panchgavya Shakthi Nasal Drops

Rs100.00 Ex Tax: Rs100.00

Panchgavya Shakthi Nasal Drops |Faster and better than regular desi cow  Ghee Nasal drops|Useful in :Sinus MigrainCold, running nose, Allergies Asthma , Breathing problemsHair fall, Premature Gray , DandrufNight sore, InsomniaEar disorders, Nasal disorderPeralasys, Brain Clottage etc.Net Volume..

PanchGavya Baby Massage Oil, Desi Cow Ghee Massage for Babys, Baby Care with Mother Cow


PanchGavya Baby Massage Oil

Rs130.00 Ex Tax: Rs130.00

PanchGavya Baby Massage Oil|Only Cold Pressed Oils Used |No Chemical|No Preservatives|No Side Effects|Nourishes Moisturizes Baby's Skin So effectively Net Vol: 100MlIngredients : Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil,Gritha Kumari, Jatamansi,Bakuchi, no othe..

Gomayadi Tel - EAR DROPS, Gomayadi Tel, Ear drops online.


Gomayadi Tel - EAR DROPS

Rs40.00 Ex Tax: Rs40.00

Gomayadi Tel - EAR DROPS|Useful in EAR Pain|For all kind of EAR and Nasal Disorders|Can be used daily to get rid of VATA.|Net volume : 10 mlIngredients : Tila Tail , Gomaya Rasa...

Pain releiving Oil, Ayurvedic Pain releving oil, Panchgavya Pain releiving oil, Musle oil online, Panchgavya Pain releiving oil, GauNaturals musle oil online


Kamadenu Muscle Oil

Rs80.00 Ex Tax: Rs80.00

Kamadenu Muscle Oil | With Goodness of Gomaya Rasa| Natural Pain relieving oil with powerful Panchgavya Quick relief from all kind of pains | Goodness of Panchgavya make this pain relief oil more effective. Useful in : ยท          ..

SUJALA - Pure Gomaya Basma, Pure Gomaya Basma, Water Supplimet, GauNatural Sujala Online


SUJALA - Pure Gomaya Basma

Rs30.00 Ex Tax: Rs30.00

SUJALA - Pure Gomaya Basma| Worlds best antibacterial | Increases Prana shakthi Protects from all kind of Cancers Natural water filter Prevents early age joint pains Quick healer in all kind of skin ailments Ingredients: Desi Cow dung Ash(Basma) Net weight : 35 Gms ..

Panchgavya Amrit Balm, Pain releiving balm with panchgavya, Panchgavya Balm online, Gau Naturals Panchgavyamrit Balm online


Panchgavya Amrit Balm

Rs35.00 Ex Tax: Rs35.00

Panchgavya Amrit Balm | Made with Panchgavya grit | Useful in cold cough and headacheQuick reliefNatural medicineExternal use only Ingredients:Panchgavya GritaAjwain satwaPudina satwaCamphorCinnamon OilEucalyptus oilVaseline Net Volume : 10 ml ..

Tulasi Ark, Tulasi Ark online, GauNaturals Tulasi Ark Online


Tulasi Ark

Rs110.00 Ex Tax: Rs110.00

Tulasi ArkGauNaturals's Tulsi Ark helps in blood purification. It acts as antioxidant, useful in skin ailmentshelps in balancing blood cholesterol levels. Useful in controlling skin diseases, high blood pressure.Net Volume : 500 ml..

Real Triphala Churn, Triphala Prepared in 1:2:3 ratio, Seedless Triphala


Real Triphala Churn

Rs50.00 Ex Tax: Rs50.00

|Prepared As per Astanga hridaya|Prepared in 1:2:3 ratio|only Seedless Fruits used..

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